Counting down …

3 weeks from today my year-long experiment is suppose to kick off and it’s just occurred to me that there are things that are likely to go wrong between now and then.

Wrong thing waiting to happen #1
No time.
Instead of doing all the necessary research and preparations to make my experiment the massive success I need it to be, I’m more likely to be working or sleeping or shopping for Christmas presents or flying around on airplanes or over-socializing and explaining to friends that I’m feeling stressed out by working.

Wrong thing waiting to happen #2
No credibility.
Because of this obsessive and compulsive loop of busy-ness, I keep breaking small  but significant promises to myself. Like remembering that cups of coffee don’t count as lunch and that eating actual foodstuff is suprisingly helpful. Like making time for a form of exercise more rigorous than just pacing while on the phone or grinding my teeth while asleep. Like doing my homework for this experiment! 

If, for the next 3 weeks, I keep up this level of breaking resolutions … well then, by the time I get to New Year’s Day I won’t have a shred of credibility with myself left.

Wrong thing waiting to happen # 3
No energy.
After I turn on my out-of-office message on the 23rd of December I’ll get myself on another airplane to join my family whereupon I will spend a week experiencing a complex range of dynamics – continually. For days.  On top of this there will be alcohol everywhere. And Grande Skinny Lattes virtually nowhere. Need I say more about this? We all know what Christmas is like. No doubt I’ll get sick.

And so it’s occurring to me that maybe I shouldn’t kick off my year-long experiment in 3 weeks time, on New Year’s Day, as I’d planned. And it’s crossing my mind — like ticker tape in the brain — that there is ONE way to avoid this likely loss of time, credibility and energy over the next 3 weeks  …

I could ditch the plan and start this year-long experiment right now. 

Even though it’s only going to take you 3 seconds to read this line, please know that I paused <right here> for almost 4 hours (ok, I did go out to the movies) before deciding, what the heck, I’ll do it.

What is the year-long eperiment? As of RIGHT NOW and over the course of the next year, I’m going to buy my life back.  And I’m going to do it in cash.

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