Thoughts from the bathtub

It wasn’t a bathtub I’d highly rate (bit squashed and no view to speak of), but I thoroughly enjoyed the past hour here in the bathtub at the Dunraven Arms in Adare, Ireland.

Two things happened in the tub worth mentioning here at Counting 000’s.

Thing 1) I read the chapter on money in Krznaric’s thoughtful and entertaining social history, The Wonderbox (described by one reviewer as Alain de Botton meets Niall Ferguson.) I highly recommend it if you enjoy either.

Thing 2) I wondered if I should amend rule #4 (see ground rules in the Q&A section below). See, I fly out of Ireland tomorrow and head to Chile (via a pitstop in London followed by 2 days in Madrid.) The rule on no impulse spend doesn’t take into account shopping on holidays — buying souvenirs or gifts or neat stuff I can’t find at home. So I was thinking of amending it.

I’m less than 24 hours into the game and I’m ALREADY trying to do deals with myself!

By the time I check in next Saturday I hope to be able to say that I didn’t stray on my travels …

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