Oh fun, I’m going on a money field trip …

I’m much happier with research (Hearts), practical assignments (Clubs), even tutorials (Diamonds) than I am having to leave the cosiness of my desk for field work … but today’s the day I’ve turned over a Spade, so field work it is.

I’ve to get myself to a seminar on money. My options look many, but none inspiring so far …

Before the game kicked off I reckoned that field work was a 2-part assignment as spelt out in how do the cards work?

It had occurred to me that Spades would demand an element of planning and scheduling that meant the task was unlikely to be completed within the week of picking the card.

I thought I’d handle that by stipulating that I arrange the field work and then pick another card for the week ahead.

But now that I’m living the game, I overrule my earlier thinking. This rule is dumb. I didn’t realise how much time can go into hunting for a seminar that’ll be worth my time and money. This is more than enough money work for one week.

I AM NOT PICKING ANOTHER CARD and shall be editing this rule out of the game.

I already have to file taxes on Monday and there’s only so much attention I’m prepared to give to matters financial.

On that note, did anyone see that article in Friday’s Evening Standard? I was crammed into a Hammersmith & City tube and couldn’t help but read over the shoulder of the body crushed against me about the rise in a new class of people — the Frugalocrats … I wonder how much time and energy they have to put into being frugal or whether it just comes naturally?

See Frugalocracy vs Debtocracy for the full article.

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