Repent, repent, repent

Rather fittingly this week’s card is the 6 of Diamonds — a card that asks me to deny myself something.

The exact instruction is to reduce my typical spend by 30% in the week ahead … which is fitting because this week marks the start of Lent.

Now, at best I’m a lapsed Catholic, and some would say that’s a very generous description, but like every even vaguely Catholic person, my guilt switch is highly sensitive and I always feel a bit bad if I can’t find something to give up each year for Lent.  For those not in the know, Lent is a 6 week period in the run up to Easter when Christians are meant to deny themselves luxuries, fast and generally repent. People usually give up chocolate.

So given the week that it is and that one of my goals over the course of the year is to learn to live on less, I’ve decided to take the 6 of diamonds and attempt to reduce my spend by 30% for the next 6 weeks rather than just the next 7 days. Given that I’ve been tracking my spend you’d think I’d know off-hand what this amount might be — but since it’s not my in nature to retain any sort of numerical data, I need to go do the math to work out how much I need to stop spending in the weeks ahead.

Till next week …

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