Am I about to make enemies?

My card this week is the 6 of Clubs and my assignment is to tackle my coins. Silver and bronze bits of metal lurk in almost every coat pocket and bag I own — and I have many. The reason why I leave them there is because the jars and containers I usually reserve for coinage are filled to the brim.

This photograph is just the beginning of the pots of money stashed around my room.

I once dumped as many coins as I could into a sturdy bag and delivered them to the homeless man who sat on the corner of the street where I lived at the time. While I’m sure he was genuinely hard-up, he still wasn’t all that happy to receive my donation. A week or so later he apologized to me. He said he appreciated that I’d left in plenty of pound coins and 50p pieces, but really no one likes copper even if they really, really need it, do they?


And so my assignment this week is to get rid of ALL MY COINS … or at least the UK ones, I’ll have to worry about the Euros and US cents some other time.

6 thoughts on “Am I about to make enemies?

  1. You probably know this, but you can get little empty coin bags from your bank (assuming it has business banking). Put your coins in there and they’ll let you pay them into your account.

    1. Well — I am REALLY embarrassed — since you’re the 3rd person to mention, but I’m convinced I was told years ago that banks now refuse coins; am off to bank tomorrow to re-educate self

  2. We were saving up all of our coins in an old cookie jar. My husband likes to empty his pockets and just leave the change in random puddles around the house and then I pick them up and put them in the jar. Every couple of years, I take the jar to a Coinstar machine and get an gift certificate in exchange for all of our change. Last month, when our house got robbed, the burglars took the full contents of the jar. I guess American thieves are ok with pennies.

    1. Eye-opening!!!! educated by thieves as to the value of coins. I am so sorry to hear your house got burgled though!!

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