How to stop sleeping with the enemy

The first step in tackling an enemy is to understand who or what it is. In my case the enemy is financial anxiety.

Now, if this were the sort of enemy that I could kick out of bed and walk away from, I would. But I can’t. Because it’s what my friend Suzy calls an “inner saboteur” …which means I’m never going to be able to leave it. But what I can do is tame it.

To stop sleeping with my inner jerk, I need to wake up and take it out for a cup of coffee — which is exactly what this week’s assignment from the 4 of Clubs invites me to do.

Here’s how it works: I’m going to take a blank piece of paper and over a cup of coffee I’m going to write down every last thing I can think of that’s currently a source of financial anxiety. When I’ve either filled a page or have run out of worries I’m going to look at each item and ask myself:

What simple thing might I do to alleviate this worry?

And then for the next week I’ll use my “15 minutes a day” approach to staying on top of my finances, to select an item from my worry list and do something to address it. I’m hoping that spending some time with the enemy in the light of day might give me the upper hand? We’ll see …


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