Kissing & the secrets of the US Airforce

Apparently it was the chief engineer of spy planes over at Lockheed Skunks, Kelly Johnson*, who originally coined the expression KISS

Keep it simple stupid.

The idea was that spy planes needed to be repaired under combat conditions with only basic tools and that therefore designers had an obligation to keep things as simple as possible.

KISS the acronym went on to earn regular parlance within the US Airforce, Alcoholics Anonymous and the software development industry. It also mutated into “It’s the economy, stupid” in the early 1990’s US presidential election.

Anyway, KISS is the theme for this week. I’ve picked the King of Diamonds and my task is to immerse myself in ideas about “simple living” to see what I can find … (without boring the socks off myself and/or becoming painfully worthy)

Till, next week

*Johnson’s credo was “Be quick, be quiet, be on time.”


One thought on “Kissing & the secrets of the US Airforce

  1. Great topic to have to research. I fear/hope/suspect that it’s actually going to be something everyone has to grapple with sooner or later.

    Not just because global finacial crisis and oil running out and blah blah blah will force us all to have to make do with less, but also because I suspect that a simpler form of living might make us happier ultimately.

    Not that I know how to change my life to a simpler one.

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