Apparently now IS the time to become a banker …

I got a double whammy this week.

First, I picked the 4 of Spades which involves attending a money seminar. This time around actually finding one proved a lot easier than last time. Earlier today I’d been visiting The School of Life Sunday Sermons (which is a great online resource if you’re interested in listening to some of their past talks) and I thought to myself The School has gotta have a money class … and as the link suggests … they do!

However, it’s pretty far off (June) and given that  I took last week off from assignments, I thought it only fair that I draw another card from the deck so that I have something to do this week.

Enter the 3 of Spades, which goes to show my shuffling leaves something to be desired. According to this card it’s time for me to become a banker. … or more precisely, to go shopping for places to loan out my own money.

Old Me would never have even heard of social lending, let alone look into it… but New Me has been reading money mags and money blogs and even the money section of the newspaper  for months now and I’m delighted this card has come up because think it’s MAD not to dip a toe into the new game in town.

And so over the course of this week I’ll be comparing social lending sites and making my first peer to peer loan.


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