Who actually goes to these things?! I’ll soon find out …

Two Sundays later and the Spades are back (this time the 7) with another “go to a seminar” type task … or more specifically:

“Find a real-world talk or online podcast that talks about the meaning of money

A quick Google and lo and behold I’ve found an event the very same week I’m already scheduled to attend The School of Life’s money class — which made me think hey maybe the first week of June was destined to involve me sitting around smoking a pipe, scratching my head and adopting a more philosophical outlook to the whole money thing?

And so thanks to this week’s card, I’ve just signed up to spend Saturday June 9 at a day-long class on “money as meaning”. For any of my London readers, please feel free to come with me!! It’s at The City Lit, costs £37 and according to the synopsis, by the end of the course we should be able to:

Explain the main economic functions of money.

Explain the different forms of money and their effects.

Discuss some of the psychological and social meanings of money

Evaluate our own ideas about money.

While “no prior knowledge is assumed”, they mention in the description that the following radio programmes might serve as rough guides to what we can expect of the day: BBC Radio 3 or 4 humanities programmes such as

‘In Our Time’, ‘Reith Lectures’ or ‘The Essay’.

Since I’m not a big radio-head I’m only vaguely familiar with ‘In Our Time’, so for this week’s homework (given that I can’t play the card till June), I’ll check out some of these programmes and report back.

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