Duck walks into a bar …

No, wait. Guy walks into a bar with a duck on his head.

Bartender says “Where’d you get that ape?” And the guy says, “It’s not an ape, it’s a duck!”

Bartender says, “I was talking to the duck, buddy.”

Now, why do I bring this up? Because I woke this morning thinking about duck-walked-into-a-bar jokes and I was thinking about them because they’ve always made me laugh no matter how lame and this morning the only antidote to the week that has been was to shrug it off and to assume that some sort of cosmic wisdom is at play.

As far as not-to-repeat weeks go, I can’t say it was terrible or that anything horrendous happened, only that it contained enough trouble on each day that came and went, that I’ve been reminded that sometimes it’s hard to be a duck.

As for my assignment, yes I called a financial advisor but we’ve played phone tag so I’ve nothing special to report with respect to the task. I have been wondering what exactly I’m going to say to this person when we finally make contact … “Hi, my name is Nathalie and today is you’re lucky day — you’ve just officially become a Counting Zeros assignment!” Probably not. I imagine I’ll struggle at the start with a a few “So, umm….’s” and “ish’s” and “sort of’s” … I need to think what it is that I’m really asking this person — I guess, Can you meet to go through my finances with me to see if there’s anything you might help me with. There, that should do it. I’m now ready for them to call me back.

In other news, on the back of my throwing it out there that I have enough money to become a loan shark, I’ve been invited to consider becoming an angel investor instead … which sounds a whole lot friendlier. And so I’m off to City Meets Tech at Google campus the week after next.

But back to the Duck.

I’ve been thinking about signs and symbols this week after having had the chance to get a private tour of The National Gallery on Thursday evening where a genuinely enthralling art historian sort of person (am waiting to get her name confirmed, since she deserves credit if not fame), gave a talk about the meaning behind some of these works of art.

And so I asked myself as I walked down the street this morning, “Why the Duck, Nat?”

And because of my Thursday evening art history education, I realised that it must be because the Duck is a symbol!! Sure enough, it is. The Duck is a Celtic totem (along with the cat, bull, butterfly, dog, dolphin, goose and griffin) and these are important because they help us develop the virtues we only sometimes possess as mere humans. So what is the meaning of the Duck? Just like the goose, the Duck deals with “our own migratory or transitory nature.” But the Duck is also the Celtic symbol of

“Honesty, simplicity and resourcefulness. Ducks also represent sensitivity, as they tend to be very sensitive to their surroundings. Also viewed as graceful and agile – particularly in the water, ducks are respected for their beauty and adaptation to nature.”

And so if I am forced to be the sensitive bird that I am, a Duck is probably the best version of this that I can be. Warts and all, no wait — that’s a frog …

Until tomorrow … when I shall turn over a new card and thankfully, start a fresh week.

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