Getting so much done that I’m not learning much

Or at least that’s how it feels. A bit of overwhelm has been going on this past month — between travels and work and the busyness of everyday life … never mind my weekly Counting Zeros assignments.

I feel I’m getting done more than I can really absorb. I’m certainly getting done much more than I can stay on top of week in and week out. So if I sorted my filing back in February, I now have a new stack of papers tucked into all sorts of folders and bags where they do not belong. If I started the ball rolling on my mortgage (specifically finding out whether I could adjust the terms of it), I didn’t persist past the first three failed attempts to get through to the right department at C&G and no one has ever called back. And I think I’ve already confessed about some of the cracks in my relationship with the spend tracker where I seem to be so very “all or nothing” about it.

The answer to this conundrum cannot be to do less. Not for this year anyway. Not when it comes to personal finance. Perhaps the answer is to do the same amount but slower. In practical terms I think I should build some sort of weekly reflection into my normal week; perhaps by updating my master spreadsheet of where my money is and what it is doing.

This resolution feels flimsy though. I guess I need to go  revisit all the stuff I used to know but have now forgotten on a Sunday morning, about how to make self-promises stick.

For now, next week’s card. I’ve picked up the King of Clubs which involves spend forecasting. I’ve already had an assignment not dissimilar to this one from the Clubs but the King comes with a twist. I need to forecast what I’ll spend in the month ahead and attempt to live off cash, keeping my plastic at home. (Not so easy in today’s world).

I read somewhere (?) that one way to do this is to have spending envelopes whereby if you run out of cash in the envelope set aside for Books this forces you to dip into the envelope set aside for Groceries. For example. A very Nat example.

I might just do the envelope thing, but first I need an hour or so with a calculator, the spend tracker and my diary for the month ahead.

Till next week. And remember just because it isn’t easy being green, doesn’t mean that  Kermit isn’t fantastic. He’s my role model of perseverance.


5 thoughts on “Getting so much done that I’m not learning much

  1. That’s a hard challenge. It would be interesting to know if you spent more/less when you were just using cash. I think I tend to spend money I wouldn’t have spent if there’s cash in my wallet – I guess because it almost feels like it’s already been spent if it’s not in the bank. I’ve never tried this envelope method though – maybe that will have a different effect.

  2. I reckon I might spend less when it comes to carrying cash — not sure. The part that trips me up is the planning part. Having to know in advance what I’m going to do for the next 4 wks!

    1. WOW!! What a shiny happy end to a stressy busy day — as M. Piggy might say merci buckets! I shall be following the VBA rules and sending back a link to you when I get home this eve or first thing tomorrow. Big Thanks from Counting Zeros

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