And the audience goes crazy as Counting Zeros wins award!

What excitement! I’ve been nominated for (and therefore have won!) the Versatile Blogger Award — check out my nice new badge on the right hand side. Fellow blogger and kindred spirit Bettina is to thank for this Counting Zeros milestone. THANK YOU BETTINA.

Blogging over at I Want That Kangeroo!, Bettina is off on her own life-changing, money-challenged adventure as she jumps on a plane to Australia next month…

“In December 2011 I impulsively booked a flight to Sydney, Australia for August 2012. I knew that if I hadn’t booked that flight, I wouldn’t have followed through. As an aspiring jet-setter, my goal is to soak in the Ozzie lifestyle by travelling the large island while making a few steady paychecks along the way.

For all the fellow travel-obsessed peeps out there, my hope is that this blog will give you an insight into what Australia’s all about, as well as share with you things I did along the way to help make my move as cost-efficient as possible.”

And now, one of the stipulations of accepting the VBA is to tell the lovely person who nominated me 7 things about myself … so here they are:

  1. I’m a night owl except for the fact that my cat Bruce insists with sighs and by throwing himself on my head that he wants OUT as soon as the birdsong starts … so I get up at 4am every morning and am slowly becoming a lark
  2. I book binge
  3. If forced to choose I’d have to go with savoury
  4. Make mine red wine that’s BIG and spicy
  5. None my of immediate family lives on the same island as I do — they’re in Ireland, Chile and the US
  6. I am the proud owner of 5 godchildren. I think their parents shared the same thought: that I’d be the ideal eccentric Aunty figure for when they reach their troubled teens
  7. Not that my teens were troubled, just that other people were troubled by them. Especially the nuns who kept having to make amendments to the school handbook about what one could and could not do to modify the school uniform.

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