When your friends are superheroes

This week’s card is the Nine of Hearts which asks that I interview a few financial role models. If anyone remembers the NLP craze from about ten years ago (or maybe that’s just when I bumped into it), one of the tenets of this somewhat impossible to demystyify approach to personal psychology is that the route to outstanding achievement is to model your behaviour on the actions of people more expert than you.

Defying clear textbook explanation, NLP practitioners pay thousands to go on special training courses to learn how to do this; it was (and may still be?) particularly attractive to salespeople looking to influence other people’s decision-making. NLP includes tactics such as trying to work out the motivations of the person opposite you by watching for their “tells” and noticing whether they stare upwards and to the right or to the left when they’re busy thinking. If you got in late on Friday night and watched Casino Royale (where love destroys/is the making of 007), there was definitely some NLP going down at the poker table in Montenegro.

Anyway, why do I mention NLP … because if modelling your success on what works well for others is a good idea or at least worth trying, then I need look no further than my own friends to pluck out a few personal finance masters. And so it is to my friends I shall turn to complete my homework.

The only small hitch is that it is very unlikely I will get this assignment done within the week. Which technically isn’t breaking any Counting Zeros rule — the card says NOTHING about a deadline. Obviously I’ll give it a go for next week’s report back, but given the work week that faces me, a countdown to August holidays and a short trip I’m taking at the end of this week, I reckon contacting these friends to set up the interview may be the extent of my sleuthing for the week ahead.

PS. It is NOT lost of me that this is somewhat ironic an assignment after my conclusion yesterday that I should pay less attention to other people’s approaches to money and more attention to difficult choices I keep avoiding. But still, the cards dictate and I obey. And sometimes we learn a lot more by talking to others than we do sitting around staring out the window with a calculator waiting for clarity of mind.

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