When in doubt, PROCEED

There are times when this policy isn’t the smartest — if you’ve serious reservations about any of the following things, hit the pause and maybe even the eject button:

  • Investing all your money in a scheme involving high risk and return
  • Packing an expensive bottle of red wine inside your suitcase
  • Marrying your boyfriend of 3 weeks

And then there are other times when allowing doubt to stop you in your tracks gets in the way of all progress.

These are the times when action can only lead to gain and inaction guarantees loss. Examples include:

  • Wanting so much to become a ballerina that you never risk trying because then you might have to face the disappointment of discovering it ain’t going to happen
  • Never using your tax-free savings allowance because choosing the best account is way too confusing and/or time-consuming
  • Waiting until you fully master the most optimal way of spending air miles before ever attempting to secure a free flight

I offer these examples because all of them ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO ME. Or rather I happened to all of these decisions. Both the first list and the second.

Except for the bit about the ballerina — that’s just a metaphor for other things I’ve wanted but where FOF* sabotaged me.

So while part of me is very tempted to say that my investigation into air miles this week has led to more questions than answers (never mind a load of bad press about BA’s decision last year to switch over to the Avios scheme) and therefore more homework must be completed before I can take advantage of the miles I’ve accrued, the older I get the more adept I am at tricking myself into not being so pointlessly circular.

Some things are best mastered by making a few mistakes.

To help me as I attempt to spend my miles, I’ve stumbled upon The Points Guy — who I recommend highly for anyone with similar issues.

Stay tuned for updates on my progress.

*Fear of Failure


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