Who be you? If you be Phoebe Carter?

Friends & Noble Blog-Followers (who are de facto, Friends),  

The time has come to introduce you to my alter-ego, Phoebe.

Phoebe is a calm, methodical, orderly sort who completes everything she starts.

She files continuously.

She adores taking on huge administrative life tasks, breaking them into their parts and ruthlessly slaughtering them. 

She spends her life surrounded by heaps of completed tick-lists.

She is my sister, she is my mother, she is my best friend — which is to say her entire purpose in life is to champion my cause, watch over me, fight my corner.

So I called her this morning.

I said, “Phoebe, I can’t do it this week. Please take over for me while I get on with the day job. Please sort out my taxes, please file my medical claims, and PLEASE deal with the Deck of Small Change.”

And being Phoebe, she said “Sure!”

And with that she plucked this week’s card which is the dreaded eBay assignment. I have to, or rather Phoebe has to, work out a pain-free method for buying and selling on eBay. Something I’ve been meaning to do for 3.5 years in order to do something sensible with a large box of not-inexpensive retail errors I’ve made over the years.

Over to you, Phoebe.

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