The evil P word

If my fairy godmother were to use her magic wand to banish my single greatest financial fear, then I’d have her squash the almost inexhaustible angst I have around my pension.

While there’s other things to worry about such as filing taxes, having enough for emergencies, losing my job (clearly, money is a form of security to me rather than one of satisfaction), they pale in comparison to the pension cloud. If that were to disappear, if there was absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of how I’ll survive when I’m old — well then, maybe I’d give up worrying about money altogether.

That this is true tells me that I’ve graduated in the world of financial worries. It’s been a long time since the primary concern was about making ends meet on a monthly or weekly basis. I suppose if the pension worry went away I might go back to worrying about “what if’s”  that could happen now rather than twenty-something years down the road, but I’m not really a what-if girl. So yes, my fairy godmother might actually destroy the bulk of my money concerns in one fell swoop if she destroyed the pension one.

I’ve never appreciated this before. How much the evil P word is at the source of what stresses me out about my finances. Weird.

Anyway, back in April I met my first pension related assignment when I’d to work out how much money I need in mine. With the arrival of this week’s monster card, the King of Spades, it’s time to figure out what exactly I plan to do about it … since last time I checked my fairy godmother didn’t have such far-reaching powers. Stay tuned till next Sunday.

One thought on “The evil P word

  1. Being extra nice to your adorable Dad would be the best investment in your pension you could possibly make! Why dream of a fairy godmother when a dreamy real father is present?
    Just a thought,
    Your adorable Dad

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