The consequence of strangers …

An odd assignment this week from the Jack of Clubs, but exactly the sort of thing I love doing. Obviously I created it for the Deck of Small Change as some form of respite from week after week of hard, mathematical labour. And it’s finally cropped up.

The assignment tagged to this week’s card involves getting in touch with experts … representing any field at all. Except for one.

They can not be experts in anything to do with monetary matters. Or at least they cannot be known for that; it could indeed prove a happy coincidence.

I’m to create a list of people I’d like to talk to about Counting Zeros and then find out if they will — talk to me, that is.

The idea is based on Consequential Strangers … Melinda Blau’s examination of “the power of people who don’t seem to matter … but really do.” Except that I’ve flipped it around for the purpose of my homework to be about interesting people to whom neither I nor my project seem to matter. Yet.



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