Off with their heads

I warn you dear child, if I lose my temper, you lose your head. Understand?

The Deck of Small Change presents this week, The Queen of Hearts!

Nasty creature that she is, while her assignment isn’t all that friendly, it could be much worse.

I’m to list routine errors of logic that make no financial sense.

Not the biggies like mad investments or ringing up an obscene level of debt, but the smaller, more continual acts of foolishness.

If I knew what these were off the top of my head, I’d have no homework to do. But I don’t. So, I do. Have homework. Before I run into trouble with Her Self…

Queen of Hearts: Who’s been painting my roses red?
Who dares to taint
With vulgar paint
The royal flower bed?
For painting my roses red
Someone will lose his head.

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