the truth is this

Beannachtai ort!

Reporting live from a broken Blackberry in the wifi-starved outpost of the Lower Sky Road just outside of Clifden in the West of Ireland.

The truth is this: there is wifi but it’s concentrated in a small spot by the chilly outer entrance and I’ve a blazing peat fire to tend.

I HAVE completed my homework this week though. It wasn’t hard. My assignment was to monitor my behaviour and work out what routine acts of monetary madness, what micro crimes that cost cash I commit if not constantly, frequently.

I observed three.

1 / I scatter cash and coins. While I stow away withdrawals from the ATM inside my purse most of the time (when I don’t tuck them in my pocket or inside a book in my bag), I regularly fail to tuck the change from a purchase where it should go. I toss my hard currency around my house, my bags and my coat pockets a little too freely. And nice as it is to discover a fold of cash in a jean pocket, this carelessness isn’t clever.

2/ I do the same with bits of paper. Vital scraps like significant receipts. We know I’ve issues submitting my work expenses, claiming reimbursements for medical costs …never mind filing taxes. Its no coincidence that each of these efforts are utterly dependent finding all these stray scraps. Some of which I never do.

3/ When I do face up to financial chores, I often do half the work and leave the rest unfinished and so when I get over my next bout of procrastination I have to start all over again because I can’t remember where I got to with the initial effort — which is a brilliant reason to allow the procrastination period to extend and extend since I’m confused about to where start.

I’ve decided the solution to these time-wasting and financially foolish life-long tendencies involves setting myself a trap for which I’ll need a box, a post-it note and a fancy calculator.

More on this time when I make it back to base and pick my next card — i.e. tomorrow. Till then I’ve the ridiculously large sky of the West of Ireland to watch as we get into the car and the chase the weather through the mountains.


One thought on “the truth is this

  1. A peat fire and huge skies – how wonderful! I can’t help but think that’s more important than a few stray receipts 😉

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