The danger of safety …

The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety. – Goethe

Friends & Followers, reporting in with this week’s assignment, the trap I mentioned yesterday and a limp apology for the delay in getting this post out the door today.

1) This week’s assignment is to invest £1,500 by week’s end. Actually it’s to make an investment, I picked the amount as a symbolic 10% of the £15,000 question I’ve been asking this year.

2) The trap I mentioned yesterday. To help with completing financial chores that I start but don’t finish and keeping my money and receipts gathered into a place where I stand a chance of finding them when I need them, I’m spending some money to construct a trap for myself. I need three things to set the trap — a box, a post-it note and a calculator.

Not just any version of these items will do ….

No, they need to be BEAUTIFUL and EXCITING and SPECIAL.

The calculator — I’m going to buy one that brings me pleasure, one that has proper buttons that have a clicky-ness and a punchy-ness to them, one that is big and fat and solid. None of these flimsy, slim, solar things. And certainly not the one on my laptop or in the Blackberry.

I’m going to put this fantastically fun calculator inside a box. A very handsome box, a Chinese lacquer box is what I have in mind. And then I am going to place this box by my door — literally in my pathway so that even I cannot fail to overlook it.

Inside the box I’ll throw my papers and any stray cash which will nestle in with the calculator to which a post-it note will be stuck. The post-it note will remind me of my outstanding financial chores and the specific next step required for each.

While I hope to tend to my box every few weeks, the worst case scenario is that I’ll wait until the box is filled to the brim and cannot close — at which point I will do what highly organized people do all the time. I’ll complete my chores and file things where they belong.

That which is most boring in life demands engaging props and easy rituals. An ancient Chinese proverb no doubt.

3) I appreciate this post is HOURS late & that it was due out this morning. All I can say is this is the least of my task juggling problems today. Serious imbalances remain in play with respect to hours-in-a-day versus work-needing-doing.

Over & out.

3 thoughts on “The danger of safety …

    1. YOU are correct! Thought I counted neither a calculator or a box as a stationery … must re-read my definition. I may have to ask for donations, a birthday present or simply borrow and steal these items …

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