7 thoughts on “Phone dread …

  1. I’m a fellow phone-call hater (though probably not as extreme). We always argue here about who’s going to order the takeaway, and I do as many chores online as I can. Oddly, I don’t mind doing things in person, although gone are the days when you had to go into town and stand in queues to sort out your chores. For me, I think it’s a phone thing – even with friends, there are only one or two people I can have a satisfying and comfortable phone-call with – perhaps it’s the lack of visual cues. And I’m with you on automatic money-saving too. If it’s (more-or-less) never there, not only can you not spend it, but you can’t miss it either.

    1. Do you think S Cain would have something to say re Phone Dread? It’s like I have to build up energy for it. Introverts certainly don’t like to be interrupted by the phone, that’s for sure … But harder to understand the general aversion.

      1. She probably would. I guess you can’t be an introvert on the phone – well, you can, but you can’t be quiet: you have to take equal weight in the conversation. Perhaps it’s the expectation of this that makes us introverts uneasy. I know what you mean about building up energy. I mentally rehearse even the most straight-forward of phone calls before I dial. Not that they ever go to plan…

  2. As am I!! I hate the telephone conversations… and I have thought in length about this. I think my reason is this- I deal with the general public every day at work and have to talk to “clients” for 8-10 hours a day. When I leave work, that last thing I want to do is have a lengthy exchange over the phone, unless with family or friends- but even then I keep it short and sweet. And I also cannot deal with the cell phone delay…. makes me crazy…..

    1. I also think it has something to do with work. I started seriously disliking the phone after 2 years at Dell wearing a headset where I had no control regarding inbound calls … I’d hear a beep and this announced a new customer in my ear whether I was ready or not …

  3. Dearest Daughter,
    Your preference for automated phone calls over human phone calls is not genetic and, NO, you were not required, nor even allowed, to make phone calls in childhood.
    I hate automated phone calls and the reason I moved from being a Gold Card British Airways frequent flyer to not using them at all anymore was because of their phone answering machine, which ironically started by mechanically and hypocritically informing me in that sincere and empathetic tone of voice that only a machine can effect that my call was important to BA so would I not hang up and please wait until an operator could handle my call. Then the music started!!! I used to love Vivaldi’s Four Seasons until BA adopted it as their phone waiting music but grew to utterly hate it especially since often I has to wait until “Autumn “, the third movement, had arrived before a human voice answered.
    So your preference for machines over humans does not emanate from your paternal side of the gene pool!!
    Your Adorable Dad

    1. thank you dad!! Yes, I think it’s a step too far to say that automated call systems are always preferable to humans but the fact that I’m generally much faster to pick up the phone to make an annoying transactional call when I know it’s a phone system I’m going to get is worth noting, since I think the bulk of the population is on your side with this

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