Not the end of the world this week, but the end of the game

I’m truly impressed with myself, my final assignment in my year-long experiment to change my relationship with money, is also the only assignment over the course of the entire year which requires absolutely no homework. As soon as I turned over the card (the 9 of Spades), I knew the answer. A fitting result for the last task from the Deck of Small Change.

In the past, the chore of working out what insurance I do and do not need would’ve bored, depressed and perplexed me. But now, 52 assignments down the road …

the answer is blindingly obvious,

if I ask myself the right question

The right question to ask before I start worrying about insurance is this: What is it that I value most, would hate to lose and for which it’s possible to insure?

For me, the list is this:

  1. My health
  2. My income
  3. My property
  4. And just maybe a few of my belongings (but the only ones I can think of are sentimental and therefore irreplaceable whether insured or not.)

Thanks to an assignment earlier this year when I had to work out what insurance I already have, I can confirm that 1-3 are covered.

My final assignment has been a reminder of several things for which I feel truly grateful; namely, my health, a job I enjoy and in distant 3rd place, owning property.

Oh, and not having to do any personal finance homework in the week ahead.

Except to write my final post for Counting Zeros which is due on the eve of New Year’s Eve, a year after it all began. Till, Sunday …

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3 thoughts on “Not the end of the world this week, but the end of the game

  1. Of course, there is also the question of life assurance………and which of your closest relatives you would name as beneficiary on your policy!!!!!! Just a reminder from your
    Adorable Dad

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